With your help, Patrick is dedicated to building a unified and diverse community, building on the city’s partnership with the University of Maryland and other area resources to enhance the quality of life in College Park for all residents.
Patrick is committed to collaboration with University and Prince George's County officials to build a city where everyone has an opportunity for a high standard of living. Ensuring College Park has amenities that serve long-term residents, including older adults, young professionals and families, and ensure more people want to live and stay in our city.....READ MORE
Patrick believes in development that respects and preserves our natural environment. College Park should have services that help residents and businesses protect our environment and a network that allows people to safely walk, bike, or take public transportation to get to where they need to go.....READ MORE
Patrick will fight to get high-quality restaurants, parks, shopping and arts and entertainment for all College Park residents.....READ MORE
Patrick will work to prevent crime and ensure good communication between residents and police, and make our transportation networks are safer for all users, including cyclists, pedestrians, transit users, and people with disabilities.....READ MORE