Consistently in resident surveys, College Park residents say that they feel that high quality grocery stores, restaurants and retail are lacking. Patrick has turned the tide in College Park, leading to the City becoming the region's biggest turnaround in terms of amenities for residents. Specifically, Patrick has:
  • Brought new innovation and jobs to the City by partnering with the University of Maryland to create the Discovery District. This has led to two new high-quality hotels to serve the University community and several great new restaurants, as well as new spaces for innovation such as the first WeWork co-working space in the State of Maryland and the first in the world on a university campus.


  • Started the process of revitalizing downtown College Park as a place not just for students but for all College Park residents. Brought MilkBoy ArtHouse, the first community-oriented performance venue, to College Park, with a new high quality mixed-use residential and retail development on the way. 


  • After decades of planning and discussion, successfully moved forward with building a new City Hall right in downtown College Park. This City Hall will include a town square right on Baltimore Avenue and incorporate University of Maryland administrative offices to help revitalize downtown by bringing more full-time employees there. The new City Hall will also provide the office and meeting space necessary to serve our growing city.


  • Kicked off the revitalization of the Hollywood Commercial District in North College Park by ensuring the expansion of Mom's Organic Market and the relocation of Proteus to a bigger location right in the heart of Hollywood. This year, the City will improve the appearance of Hollywood by redesigning the public right-of-way north of Edgewood Road.