Endorsements of those organizations and individuals who support Patrick will be listed here as they come in. 

Andrew Fellows

Former Mayor, City of College Park


"I support Patrick because I know he will carry forward the work that College Park has begun to bring our community together.  I like the positive vision for College Park which he has shown during his years on the Council, and which clearly demonstrates how he will lead as mayor."


Stephanie Stullich

Former Councilwoman, City of College Park


"From our eight years working on the Council together, I know that Patrick will fight for the interests of our community and has a strong vision for a greater College Park, as well as the ability to carry that vision out."


P.J. Brennan

Councilman, City of College Park


"Patrick is a proven leader, achieving many great results for our city. He is resourceful, proactive, and approachable."


Alan Hew

Former Councilman, City of College Park


"Patrick understands the issues facing our City, he is able to articulate them well and keep us working towards our goals. His experience and leadership on the Council have shown his ability to guide us as Mayor."


Mel Blain

Owner, Posh Cycling and Fitness Studio, College Park, MD


"When I came to Patrick with my dream of opening a spin studio in North College Park, he got to work making sure I had the tools and resources to make it happen. Without Patrick's help, Posh would not have become a reality in North College Park."

Mark Shroder

Former Councilmember 

City of College Park


"Patrick has shown a hell of a lot of backbone over the years in standing up for the long-run interests of the people of College Park -- the people who will be paying the taxes 10 years from now; the under-represented people of North College Park; the people who never show up for a public hearing. The City needs a Mayor who will look out for the wheel that isn't squeaking yet."

Marnitta King

Former Mayor, Town of Capitol Heights, MD


"I believe Patrick will be an outstanding Mayor for College Park because he has demonstrated a willingness to provide forward-thinking ideas. I appreciate his efforts and believe he will be a banner Mayor for College Park."

Dave Milligan

Former Councilmember 

City of College Park


"One of Patrick’s real skills is engaging and informing the community. As a District 1 councilmember, he has created listserves that have kept the residents informed on a variety of issues. I especially appreciate the annotated council agendas he sends out before every meeting."

Rocio Treminio-Lopez

Mayor, Town of Brentwood, MD


"Patrick has proven his ability to build bridges across communities in Prince George's County and create a greater community together. Patrick recognizes the common interests we all have and our region will benefit from his leadership."