Serving All College Park Residents

Patrick has a record of strong collaboration with the University of Maryland administration, student leadership, community leaders and County and State elected officials to improve the quality of life for College Park residents. His record of accomplishment includes the following:

--In 2010, Patrick brought together a group of community members to start the first ever College Park Day. Now on its tenth year, this event has continued to grow under Patrick's leadership and is now the signature event for College Park, bringing people together from all facets of our community to showcase all that makes College Park a great place to live, work and play.


--In 2012, Patrick brought together a group of community leaders to start the College Park Community Foundation. This organization has continued to grow and has given thousands of dollars to support non-profit organizations that provide crucial services to College Park residents and make our community stronger.


--Patrick has worked successfully with County and State leaders to bring hundreds of thousands of dollars to College Park to support projects like the redevelopment of Duvall Field, the Hollywood Streetscape Project, and a new City Hall in downtown College Park. Patrick has earned the support of our state and county elected leaders.


--Patrick has fostered collaboration with student leadership and the University of Maryland to address and resolve some of the challenges facing College Park as a university community. This collaboration has resulted in programs like the on-campus tailgates and knock and talks, and allowed the Student Code of Conduct to apply off-campus so that noise complaints and other quality of life issues have dropped drastically.

--Patrick has worked to bring more affordable housing to College Park for both students and non-students. With the Council of Governments, Patrick helped push a comprehensive plan for affordable housing for the region. Working with the University and local developers, Patrick is working toward new workforce housing development so that the people who work in College Park can afford to live there, and for new subsidized housing for graduate students. In the upcoming term, Patrick will continue this effort to find ways to provide affordable housing for College Park residents of all income levels.