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​College Park is my home, and I love serving as your Mayor.

This past year, the resilience of the College Park community helped us come together and support one another.

Though there is still much work to be done, I know our resilience will help us make College Park better, together.

For the past 25 years, I have been an advocate for civil rights, for the environment, and for stronger communities. For the past 14 years, I have fought for a better life for the residents of College Park. Join me and we can continue this work together.

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With your help, Patrick is dedicated to building a unified and diverse community, building on the city’s partnership with the University of Maryland and the diverse resources our community has to offer to enhance the quality of life in College Park for all residents. The past two years have been challenging in ways we never thought possible. Yet despite the economic devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic, College Park has remained strong and continues to grow. In the years to come, we will rebuild and continue to revitalize our city's downtown, and do so in a way that addresses longstanding racial inequities reflected both in College Park and in our region as a whole. We are getting through this pandemic together, and together we will continue to make our community stronger and more equitable. 

In recent years, tragic incidents like the death of George Floyd have highlighted once again the continuing legacy of racism all around our country. In College Park, we are committed to rooting out the causes and impacts of racism in our own community, including the displacement of our own African-American community in Lakeland through urban renewal. I commit to working with our staff and other leaders to instill principles of equity and justice in all of our policies and practices, and to pursue restorative justice that will work to redress the wrongs the city committed against the Lakeland community.



Later this year, the new College Park City Hall will open, and begin to catalyze redevelopment for a strong, vibrant downtown. We will also begin construction on a redesigned Hollywood Commercial District, and continue progress on a new Baltimore Avenue. I plan to build on these new amenities to revitalize all our city's commercial districts and make them vibrant and attractive places to be.





In recent years, through community-oriented policing, we have seen a decrease in crime in College Park and a stronger feeling of safety throughout our city. Together, in the years to come, we can ensure that all of our residents feel safe and secure, regardless of their race, and whether they are walking, bicycling, or driving through our city, by pursuing stronger police-community relations and alternatives to policing to address problems like mental health and homelessness.


Climate change presents one of the greatest threats to our city and our community. Together, in the years to come, we can address this threat by pursuing smarter growth and increased opportunities for safe biking, walking, as well as better transit alternatives, while continuing to fight highway expansion that will harm our community. I will also pursue green buildings in College Park and continue work on decreasing our city's own carbon footprint through use of electric vehicles and more energy-efficient buildings.

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Thanks for joining Team Patrick!

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College Park, Maryland

College Park — 32,000 residents, 17 neighborhoods, 1 community.

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